Small urban fashion clothing line focusing on everyday and club attire

Brand values: Having a dedicated passion to the fashion world, Redesigning the future for the urban community fashion world. Target market: School age children all the way to Middle age Adults. Men, Women and child of the Urban influence who are looking for clothing from everyday activity(school,work, hanging out) to special events(parties, club events, concert, date night)DEDICATED PASSION.

The brand I created is a clothing line called dedicated passion. The reason I decide to name it this was because these are two values I lived by. I feel that you need dedication and passion in anything you do to be successful. I always admired fashion lines like Roc a Wear and Sean John because I feel as if they were ahead of their time and that they gave the urban community something to represent and look good while doing it.

This allowed me to come up with my target audience because since both clothing lines started there has not been any successful company to make the strives that they did.

I wanted to create a clothing line that no matter what the event was you would be able to wear our clothes. So, whether it was school work club concert or even wedding you had a clothing line to where you could look to get your perfect look for the night or day. I feel that this brand will go toe to toe with the best of the best and just not compete with the urban clothing lines but with the top high fashion lines as well.

A Clothing Company For The Everyday Person Who Wants To Look Like A Celebrity


Our Brand Personality In Three Simple Words: